Tuesday, November 17, 2009


hi frenz, dah lam i x update blog i.......banyak bz (konon la)....well, sejak diet nie, x banyak lg interesting event yg berlaku sebab dah kurangkan aktiviti2 saya........
Jumaat lepas saya timbang berat saya n saya terkejut gan perubahannye, saya dah turun 1.5kg......Saya langsung x dapat percaya tapi itulah kebenarannye.Photo hanya akan upload bila saya dah kurang 5kg...........

Walaupun pd mula2, kesusahan diet nie terasa, tetapi sejak ade perubahan dlm berat, motivation utk berdiet n bersenam makin terasa dlm hati saya....
Kini, saya x lagi mengadu atau ade rasa keinginan nak makan nasi ataupun makanan2 berlemak.....

Harap2, saya dapat kurangkan 5kg dlm target yg ditentukan.

Untuk semua kawan2 yg tgh diet.......pastikan mitivation n confident under tinggi n trust urself.......anda pasti bole.....

Friday, November 6, 2009


*Make up your mind and start the diet from Monday.

*Learn to say `No' when food is offered to you at home, at work or at a party.

*If you are going out in the evening, eat your meal and go.

*Switch to Equal or Sugar Free instead of sugar. You will reduce at least 
  50-100 calories.

*Do not use coconut in cooking.

*Eat slowly and in a relaxed atmosphere, chew slowly, relishing every morsel 
  of food.

*Do not snack in between meals. If you feel hungry eat raw carrots, cucumber 
  or tomatoes as much as you want. 

*Use very little oil in cooking. Try to use non-stick cookware as you need less 
  oil to cook in them. Sunflower oil is recommended.

*Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily, it helps to detoxify your body. 

Thursday, November 5, 2009


EEEHHHHHH, I hate to see tht number.....but thts the fact, IM 70KG.........NEED TO LOST  20KG....
This is hw i look now...will post more photo soon.......

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3rd Day

My breakfast was 2 slice of bread wit fried egg + a cup of nescafe.....Lunch, i took 2 piece of chicken, fish 1 slice and long beans and for dinner i ate small portion of mee hoon wit apple juice... Feel very energetic in the morning.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2nd Day

Hi Frenz, quite difficult but manage to avoid rice......usual breakfast (2 wholemeal bread wit egg) and for lunch wen to my office cafeteria wit my co-mate, had i piece of chicken, 1 piece of fish and little amount of long beans. I took My Dinner around 7.30pm, i had fish curry with lady finger fried with ikan bilis together with 2 slice of bread.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I have upload my current photo..ths is our i luk now.......let wait and see how i luk after the "99 hari tak makan nasi" programme.....

1st Day...

1st day- i reali 4get abt the programme (hihi), lucky my husband remind me abt it.. This was my 1st day diet: Breakfast:- as usual 4 slice of wholemeal bread with jem and a cup of nescafe Lunch:- here is where i reali got stuck, use 2 eat rice 4 lunch and now i need to find an alternative lunch, i ate fruits for my lunch...... Dinner:- as usual 2 slice of wholemeal bread wit fish curry and cabbage..... So, this is the diet routine 4 the 1st day.......not well prepared yet i was excited. I need to surf on net for more info on the correct diet plans.

Everything Started

Hi Frenz, evyting started jz like tht...mmmmmm, while i was bz with my farmvilla at facebook, my co-fren intro me 2 a new programme named "99 hari x makan nasi" (99th days witout rice)...she gave me the blog link n i wied 1st, i ask myself whether i can stay witout eating rice but then i realise one thing, we wont noe wat our capacity until v try it. well, frm there its started and i have motivate myself 2 join the programme together with my fren. The motif i have join ths programme is to create "NEw LOOK N NEW LIFE".....